Marcin Moscicki is a designer, specialized in brand creation, visual language and logo design.

What makes a good logo?

In branding, the logo is said to be the face of the brand. It’s also a promise to the client, it tells a story, has a visual context and creates an emotional bond.

Good logo designs are primarily about relevance. In addition, branding should be based on truth and authenticity.

The design process

The logo must meet the goals and assumptions. Therefore, before we start the design work, we will choose the goals you have set for your new sign.

We will consider what associations we want to evoke, what is the most important thing that the customer should remember after contact with the logo? Only then should we think about how we can achieve these goals with colours, shapes or typography …

And that should lead us to a comprehensive and comprehensive identity system.

Let’s work together!


All the projects shown in this portfolio are intellectual property of Marcin Mościcki and are not meant to be published or used without permission.