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Hello there!

With a comprehensive portfolio spanning over 15 years, I confidently introduce myself as a seasoned Design and Creative Director.


My professional narrative is rich with achievements in campaign design, product launches, interactive and product design, brand revitalizations, and the effective direction and supervision of creative teams, whether on-site or in distributed locations.

My expertise lies in the following areas:

💎 Creative Expertise

▶️ Conceptualizing and executing strategies for diverse creative projects, overseeing them from inception to completion.
▶️ Leading all phases of creative development, from initial concept to production, across various media channels, formats, platforms, products, and devices with strong leadership skills.
▶️ Effectively communicating creative vision, concepts, ideas, and solutions to stakeholders, internal teams, and clients, leveraging excellent interpersonal skills.
▶️ Possessing hands-on experience in the creative process, marketing, graphic design, and brand development.

💎 Design & Brand Expertise

▶️ Developing and refining brand guidelines, including logo design, color schemes, typography, and visual elements to align with brand identities and meet the needs of clients and marketing teams.
▶️ Collaborating with the marketing team to shape the brand voice and create memorable marketing campaigns that enhance brand awareness.
▶️ Elevating the brand through intentional, contextually relevant, and aesthetically pleasing visual assets and interactions for both digital and real-world experiences.

💎 Team Management Expertise

▶️ Building, mentoring, managing, and inspiring large, diverse teams in deadline-driven environments.
▶️ Proficient at identifying design talent and contributing to recruitment efforts.
▶️ Prioritizing work and resources across multiple projects.

As an individual, my primary focus lies in harnessing strengths to drive personal and collective growth and excellence. I possess an unwavering passion for elevating the strong to the extraordinary and thrive on igniting enthusiasm in those around me. My capacity to empathize, to step into others’ lives and situations, enables me to connect with their feelings and perspectives. Meeting new people and winning them over is a challenge I embrace, and I find immense satisfaction in breaking the ice and forging meaningful connections.

💎 Specialties:

Creative Direction, Web Design, Interaction Design, Illustration, UI Design, Packaging Design, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Leadership

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