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Senior Art Director, Creative Director, Grupa KEINO, 2020.04 – present

Creative Director, Social Art (Bees & Honey), 2019.09 – 2020.04

Creative Director, Art Director, hyperCREW, 2013.06 – 2019.08

Art Director, Junior Art Director, Designer, K2 Internet, 2004.03 – 2013.05

Awards & Recognition


KULA – kula.gov.pl,

Volvo XC60 – campaign launching the Volvo model to the Polish market.


“Unrest” – Grand Prix in the competition “1 page, 1 look, 180 seconds” 2018 (film category) organized by the Polish
Dance Theater in Poznań, the semi-final of the international film festival “La danza in 1 minuto “in Turin, Presentation
at the” Breaking 8 “International Dance Film Festival in Cagliari,

“ELEMENTS” – Audience Award and 2nd distinction in the “1 page, 1 look, 180 seconds” competition 2019 (category
film) organized by the Polish Dance Theater in Poznań.


+48 605 344 990



Logo Design and Identity Systems

Brand Guidelines

Naming & Messaging

Marketing and Brand Collateral

The design process

The approach for logo and identity projects includes the four stages of research, creative strategy, design, and implementation. 

What makes a good logo?

Anyone can design a logo. Whether it works is another thing. A successful design may meet the goals of your design brief, but an enviable mark with the potential to become iconic will also be simple, relevant, distinctive, and enduring.

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